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 If there is one thing to know about weddings, it’s to remember that it’s all about the bride.

If there is one thing to know about weddings, it’s to remember that it’s all about the bride.

For those of us who have a best friend, beloved sister, daughter, niece, second cousin, acquaintance or even a co-worker who has recently got engaged, you are a huge part of making her wedding day a success.

I know it may seem like you are just another guest at yet another wedding, but you play a starring role in her special day and this how-to guide will help you deliver a stunning performance.

How to help, not hinder the bride-to-be

The truth of the matter is that weddings, unless they are your own, seem pretty much the same.


The dress, the cake, the menu, the dancing, the music, the vows, toasts and the constant crying, it may all seem so predictable.

Somehow, even though we’ve been to the circus and we’ve seen all the strings, we still find ourselves with a tear in our eye in the midst of the wedding kiss, or discover ourselves wildly dancing along with unabashed commitment to a horrible rendition of Y.M.C.A.

It’s because weddings are a time to celebrate love, and since that’s what makes the world go round, it’s a tradition worth celebrating- no matter how ridiculous your dance moves can get.

While tradition is the glue that holds together the wonderment of such a joyous event, there is one tradition that can be avoided and should be at all costs. Guests behaving badly. This is a common, and extremely unwelcome, theme among weddings.

It is also one that is easily steered clear of, however it requires some serious audience participation. Some people are completely oblivious to wedding etiquette, which is completely baffling.

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With the population of the world over 6 billion, married couples make up nearly 50% of that number. Consequently, it would seem pretty difficult to somehow escape the throws of the wedding industry over the course of your life, yet there is a high majority of wedding guests that act like they never received the memo.

But if somehow you were born under a rock and have just submerged from a lifetime of solitary confinement, there is a lot to learn about weddings, and this list of 7 deadly wedding sins is a great place to start.


The Seven Deadly Wedding Sins are as follows:

  1. Deadly Wedding Sin Number 1- The Aloof Troop: Not showing any interest in helping or preparing the bride for her big day.
  2. Deadly Wedding Sin Number 2- Abandoning the Bachelorette: Not attending the planned bachelor or bachelorette parties and if you do, deciding to complain and put strain on the bride’s chance to celebrate.
  3. Deadly Wedding Sin Number 3- Invitation Ignorance: Not taking notice of all the hard work that a bride puts into her initiations and guest list, which develops into not returning the RSVP in time.
  4. Deadly Wedding Sin Number 4- Mission Accepted, Don’t Neglect It! : Not taking the privilege of being in the wedding party or being invited to the wedding seriously. Follow through with your half of the deal, and respond in a timely, respectful fashion.
  5. Deadly Wedding Sin Number 5- The Dress Code Decoded: Not following the guidelines that the bride and groom decided upon, and trying to draw attention to yourself, by outshining the bride.
  6. Deadly Wedding Sin Number 6- Family Ties: Leave them Undone: Don’t allow for internal family affairs to overshadow the bride’s day.
  7. Deadly Wedding Sin Number 7- Giving good advice in a bad way is the same as giving bad advice any day: Trying to push your personal agenda on the bride, by bombarding her with your opinions

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